A pregnancy loss coach is a specialised type of life coach who offers support and guidance to individuals and couples who have experienced the loss of a pregnancy(ies), such as miscarriage, tfmr, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or neonatal death. These coaches provide emotional support, coping strategies, and a safe space for clients to express their grief, navigate the complex emotions associated with pregnancy loss, and help them work through the healing process. They also offer information on resources and self-care techniques tailored to the unique needs of those who have experienced such a loss. Pregnancy loss coaches play a crucial role in supporting individuals and couples deal with the emotional challenges of this difficult experience.  They also support you to navigate your way in pregnancy after loss.


Results My Clients See

  • Feeling as though a weight was lifted following just one session when given a space to openly discuss their pregnancy loss, grief, and trauma.
  • Ability to advocate for themselves with their medical team, friends, and family
  • Navigate difficult milestones like due dates, baby showers, or holiday events
  • Being less alone in their grief and having someone to reach out to when they are struggling the most




I’m Catherine, I have had personal experiences of traumatic first and second trimester losses.  I struggled for years to find the right support for me and in response to that I set up The Pinks N Blues CIC to support other going through pregnancy loss.  Using my 25+ years of experience as a Youth and Community Worker in coaching young people and adults at various points in their lifelong journeys I brought these skills to my work in The Pinks N Blues CIC.


For 10 years I have supported 100’s of people on their pregnancy loss journey through 1-2-1 support and group work providing a safe and compassionate space for them to explore their grief offering emotional and practical support with understanding and without judgment.   I have also gone on to support some of them in their next pregnancy following loss to again have a safe space to share their anxieties and give practical support as they continue their journey.

My Services

Private support through ZOOM with me, these sessions bridge the gap of what traditional therapy is often missing for pregnancy loss. You’re given the space to openly share your pregnancy loss experience(s) and pregnant after loss journey whilst receiving personable, professional, emotional support as you navigate what comes next.

1-2-1 Pregnancy Loss and Pregnancy After Loss Coaching

+ 15 minute free Zoom consultation

+ 60 minute Zoom with me £45 per session

+ Handouts, resources, and worksheets created in-house as appropriate free

Pregnancy Loss and Pregnancy After Loss Care Package

+ 10 x 1-2-1 60 minute sessions

+ Access to a dedicated phone number

+ Sessions can be face-to-face (depending on location) or via Zoom and can be used following pregnancy loss and during pregnancy after loss 

 + Handouts, resources, and worksheets created in-house as appropriate



If you think you would benefit from this type of support please fill out the form in the About section or email hello@thepregnancylosscoach.org.uk and I will contact you as soon as possible 



"You are my inspiration, I have such admiration for you, you truly are one of the most amazing people I know" Hannah

"You helped me more than you could ever know and I’ll always be grateful" Alison

"The help and understanding you offer other parents going through pregnancy Loss is so important. You are brave and beautiful and for all those parents, I thank you." Michelle

"Thank you for all you do to help others, Always grateful." Andi

"A strong, independent, loving and caring woman..proud to know you"

"You're an inspiration Catherine, to use your experiences to help others, we will always be so grateful to you for the support you gave us"

“I just want to say thank you for what you are doing, I really admire you. It’s good to know you’re not alone and there is support”

“You are such an inspirational person, thank you for all the work you do to make things better for others”

"The lady who replied to my email was so nice and welcoming. I was a bit nervous coming and also sharing in the group. But I needn't've been because the other women there were very open. I realised I wasn't alone, and actually learnt about other women's experiences; how to cope; to cry and not feel bad. I felt like it was quite a safe place to be myself. It helped that the leader of the group wasn't just the leader but someone who had also experienced this type of loss. For me also, it was also important to know I was on the right path to getting the best help as possible on my journey. So in addition to getting emotional support, I was also received practical signposting, which was instrumental for me."

"So, I am grateful to having experienced this group and I hope it continues to support other women, like me." Kirsty 

"I would just like to say that I am very grateful that there is a group like this. I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and knowing there was support out there really helps. For myself, knowing there is a group and a dedicated and responsive contact person out there, is a huge comfort." Carol


While I have extensive knowledge in the inner-workings of the medical field as it relates to pregnancy loss, I am not a licensed physician and will not diagnose or treat any conditions. Through my service you will not receive treatment plans or diagnoses.

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